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What is WhatsApp? It’s an instant messaging (IM) app for android. It combines messenger service, social networking, file sharing, and group chat functionalities into one powerful service. There is no need to download separate apps for these different functionalities. Just take one application and everything you need is already there!

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What is WhatsApp for Android? Whichever device you use to access WhatsApp – smartphone, tablet, or laptop – WhatsApp will still work for you. You can check your WhatsApp messages and download or send new ones from anywhere in the world. With one easy registration, you get access to WhatsApp’s whole range of features including voice messages, file sharing, messaging, group chat, and much more. No matter what you use WhatsApp for, it’s always here when you need it, so sign up today and get all the benefits of WhatsApp.

What are sticker packs? Sticker packs are similar to image filters that you see on the internet. They come preinstalled on every android device and are a great way to customize your phone. Impress your friends with sticker packs by adding your own style to your device. You can also personalize your notification area with stickers. There are many different types of sticker packs available and WhatsApp has most of them, so look around and choose the right one for you.

What are push-button commands? Push-button commands are an advanced feature available on most messaging apps and one of WhatsApp’s most exciting additions. If you’re using a camera application on your mobile devices, you will find that most of the buttons now have their own shade so that you don’t accidentally hit the wrong one. If you want to edit a picture, add text or use any other WhatsApp feature, all you need to do is touch the corresponding button to do it.

What are group chats? Group chats are a new feature found in WhatsApp for android. Now you won’t need to send large files through WhatsApp or email large files to your friend. You can send small group chats to your whole group for a low price and no data charges may apply. This also means that if you don’t want to leave your contact details, you can set them as favourites which will prevent those receiving them from seeing your name and contacts. You can chat away and still have plenty of space left for important data.

What are offline messages? Offline messages are one of the most requested features of WhatsApp. Most people use WhatsApp regularly, but you may not be able to read every message that someone sends you. You can now set an offline message to indicate important events with your contacts so that you won’t miss any of their texts and calls.

How do I access the older version of WhatsApp and can I back up my data? Backing up your data is one of the most asked questions by new and old users of WhatsApp. The answer is that yes, you can back up your data. Whatsapp uses an end-to-end encryption technology, which means that no one outside of Whatsapp can read your messages. The encryption technology used by Whatsapp makes it impossible for anyone to read your messages.

What are some of the other neat things that you can get from using Whatsapp? If you’re an exchange student or you send private messages to students, then this is one of the best ways that you can communicate securely and privately to other users. Whatsapp allows you to see other users’ contacts and their conversations even when they aren’t online. You can also send private messages to other WhatsApp groups. Last but not least you will be able to see the last 5 messages sent to and from your contacts. This way you will be able to keep track of the times that you have been online and what conversations you have had with others.

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