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Facebook for Android refers to the user-friendly official mobile application developed by Facebook for Android devices. The application is entirely free to download and use on the Google Play Store. The application includes a wide variety of features, which help people interact with each other through their mobile phones. These days, there are countless users across the globe using smartphones to access Facebook on the go. Therefore, Facebook has developed additional features, which enable these users to interact with their Facebook friends while they are in their mobile homes.

Download Facebook APK (version 330.


Facebook for Android has various applications such as News, Notes, Menu, Gallery, Contact, and Polls. All these features make it easy for the user to perform all the functions that he or she finds convenient. However, if you wish to update Facebook on your mobile phone automatically, you have to install the latest version of Facebook for Android on your device. The latest Facebook version has new features, which are not available in the previous version. Therefore, it is advisable to update Facebook on your android device, on a regular basis.

Facebook for Android has a new feature called Android Market. This new feature offers a link that can be used to search the most popular apps on the google play store. When you click on this link, you will be provided with a list of the android apps that are currently available on the market. You can either select one of the apps and start using it or ignore it. To enjoy the latest features of Facebook on your mobile phone, make sure that you update it on a regular basis.


Facebook for android app features such as timeline and news feed, photo album, events, games, and wall. The timeline is a special area on your phone where you can see the recent activity of all your friends, fans, coworkers, and family. The news feed displays the most recent news on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone. The photos album lets you view the latest pictures taken by you or your friends.

Facebook for Android has an official app for Amazon Kindle. The Google Play Store does not support this application. To enjoy the full functionality of this application, download it from Amazon’s website and install it on your mobile phone. This is one of the best Facebook applications available for the Kindle. To make the most of this application, download it today from Amazon’s website.

Access your Account:

The third Facebook application that you need to check out is firefox. This Facebook for Android client enables you to access your Facebook account through the Firefox browser. It features the latest Facebook widgets such as the news ticker and the Facebook timeline. You will also get access to live updates, tweets, and other important information about the world’s hottest topics. The firefox client can be downloaded from Google’s website.

The fourth application that you need to check out is Facebook for Firefox. Like the previous two firefox clients, it can be downloaded from Google’s site and installed on your android phone. This application offers you a smooth interface that makes it easy for you to use. It gives you the same experience like those found on the Facebook web browser. You get access to all the Facebook features such as the news feeds, messages, and photos.

The last application that we are going to talk about is purple. This is another plug-in for Firefox designed especially for the android mobile phone. It provides you with the features that you need when browsing the internet. It has the same look and feels as the Firefox toolbar and you can also link with your social network whether it be Facebook Twitter or Gmail.

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