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Facebook for Android:

Facebook for Android is an exciting project by Facebook. It is a series of tools that help Android users interact with their Facebook friends. The latest Facebook for Android offers many exciting features. The first feature is “pins”. With this feature, you can keep track of your friends with ease.

Download Latest APK (version 329.0.0.19)

How to access Facebook on your android device from anywhere. One of the common reasons for the lacking of recent functions in an app on your mobile phone is the lack of upgrade. To make it simple, you can now install Facebook on your android device from anywhere using Facebook Connect. The application enables you to log into your Facebook account while still away from your home PC.

View your friend’s latest Facebook updates on your android mobile phone. You can view the latest Facebook version on your android mobile phone from anywhere. With this feature, you can be notified about the latest Facebook for Android update from your friend’s mobile phone even if he is not online. The application allows you to download Facebook from the play store and transfer it to your phone through an SD card.

Invite your friends:

Invite your friends to join your social network. With the help of Facebook Connect, you can send an invitation to your friend to join Facebook. The invite will appear on his/her mobile phone and he/she can accept the invitation from his/her mobile phone. Facebook for Android now supports the integration of the Google+ social network. Once he/she accepts the invitation he/she can join your social network.

View your friend’s profile information on your mobile phone. With the help of a Facebook QR code scanner, you can easily get the profile information of your friend on your mobile phone. Facebook for Android app helps you read the profile information on your mobile phone as you use the QR code scanner. With this feature, you can easily update Facebook on your mobile phone.

News and updates:

Check the news and update your Facebook on your android mobile phone. Facebook for android mobile phone has several new features which enable you to access the latest news and updates on your mobile phone. The news page in the Facebook app has several new features which help you to get the latest news on your android mobile phone. The app lets you browse through the major news portals like Fox News, CNN, BBC, AP, and others. You can also check the weather forecast on your mobile phone with the help of this app. The feed list in the Facebook app enables you to see the latest feed items on your feed list.

Chat with friends:

If you want to chat with your friends on the social network then you can also use the Facebook chat app. The social network also allows you to share your recent photo on your android device with your friends in your network. The photo gallery in Facebook for the android device allows you to view the gallery and select the picture you want to share with your friend. You can also set your wallpaper using Facebook for android device settings. This allows you to change your wallpapers on your smartphone according to your preference.

The Facebook for Android app allows you to use the Facebook play store. You can use the play store to browse through the top apps and choose the one you want to play. Once you have chosen the app you can install it on your android device. You can also set your favorite images to be shown when your friends or contacts visit your social network.

Download links:

You can download the latest Facebook APK on your Android from this page. Feel free to get the latest APK of Facebook for Android from this page.

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