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Audio Manager APK:

Audio Manager for Android is a simple, easy-to-use password protection application that will keep anyone on guard when using their mobile phone. Whether you are cheating on your significant other or simply want to limit the number of people who can gain access to your phone, this great application will do it all for you. Just download this popular software utility and install it on your phone, then let it perform a scan of your phone database and identify all of the stored passwords that it has.

Download Audio Manager APK (version 8.0.5)

Before to start:

To start you should first open a new “My Account” window by clicking on the “My Account” icon on the Google Android Market Home. Then go to “Change Accessory Settings” and enable the option for allowing access to SMS and MMS messages and calls. This will grant access to all outgoing and incoming MMS and SMS messages for the duration of your account. Once your account is activated, go to the audio manager apk and download it from the link below.

Install the Audio Manager APK:

The next step is to install this popular application called audio manager apk inside your computer as well. Open the Google Android Market and search for an “APK installer” and install it into your computer’s programs folder. After it is installed, open the Audio Manager for Android app in your device’s program drawer. You will see two icons: Hide Audio and Play Music. The left-hand one is for the audio manager while the right one is for hiding or playing your music.

Tap on the “Play with Live Audio” function and you will be prompted to pair your microphone and speakers so you can input the files to be recorded. To do this, tap on the “Record” button. Following that, tap on “Add URL” and enter your URLs and where to upload them. You can use any of your existing folders to store these audio files such as external/data, internal/libido, external/SD card, and others. Finally, tap on “Share” and send it to all your contacts or send it as an email to your friends.


More advanced ways:

There are many more advanced ways you can use the simple audio manager for android apps to further boost your productivity. For instance, you can integrate it with Google Now and take advantage of the voice recognition feature. You can also use it to control your home’s automation remotely. You can also set it as your default ringtone, display it as a screen saver, use it as your wake-up call, and much more. It is an amazing mobile software that truly gives you a new way of enjoying your Android devices.

User’s of Audio Manager:

Audio Manager for Android has been downloaded more than 101 million times from the Google Play Store. Its cost is very reasonable considering that it offers all the features and premium themes you are used to seeing in other apps. You will also be happy to know that it works seamlessly with all the older versions of Android phones. Therefore, if you are using the older versions of the operating system, this software will continue to work with them.

Additional Benefits:

The Audio Manager for Android also provides you with several additional benefits. First, you will get a free Google Play Store credit that you can spend in your account. The credit can be accessed whenever you need it in order to purchase other apps. You will not have to worry about running out of credit since you can easily add more credit to your account through the Google Play Store. In fact, it is so easy to do that you will wonder why you did not get this app earlier.

Manage your media library:

The Audio Manager for Android also allows you to manage your media library much more efficiently. If you hide your favorite songs or simply want to limit the number of people. Who can see your latest music playlist, you can set up preferences for your Google account. Audio Manager for Android will even allow you. To hide photos you do not want to be seen by anyone else on your device. This versatile app will keep everything that you need organized and your personal life running smoothly.

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